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Nebraska Malt

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Nebraska Malt started with a passion for craft beer and the desire to create a unique product that characterizes the true agricultural spirit of the State of Nebraska.

Founded by a determined team of entrepreneurs, made up of an experienced brewer, a talented maltster and a craft brewery equipment manufacturer, Nebraska Malt stands ready to bring together local growers, brewers and distillers.

Working directly with Nebraska farmers to select exceptional grains grown right here at home, Nebraska Malt is dedicated to provide unsurpassed, home-grown quality.

To ensure we meet these lofty goals, we send samples from every batch, to qualified malt testing labs to ensure our malt meets exacting standards and to deliver proven results to every brewer.

Our core focus is to bridge the gap between local farmers, local craft breweries, and craft distilleries by delivering a true grain-to-brewery-to-customer experience. 

Our Three Step Process

Steeping - barley is immersed in water to raise the moisture content of the select seed to a state that allows growth. This process continues intermittently for several days. During this phase, moisture levels are closely monitored to ensure ideal conditions for the germination process.

Germination - In the process of seed germination, water is absorbed by the embryo, which results in the re-hydration and expansion of the cells. As the grain grows, core plant mechanisms are modified, creating enzymes, degrading proteins, and making starch reserves more available. Once grains have reached the desired level of germination, the wet malt is then transferred to the kiln.

Kilning - Grains are moved to the heated kiln for the dry-down phase of malting. This consists of two stages: drying and curing. In this stage, predetermined drying times and temperatures are used to develop the desired flavor and color of the malt.

The Results

Color - With patience, skill and repeatable methods we deliver the color of malt that is critical to the appearance and taste of your brew. We pride ourselves on producing a satisfying malt color that consumers demand.

Aroma - We know that aroma plays an important part in craft brewing. For each recipe, the aroma should invite and compliment the intrinsic flavor of each beer. Understanding and selecting the most appropriate malt to produce unforgettable aromas helps share the story of your beer.

Flavor - Flavor is a combination of many factors including smell, taste, touch and even environment. Because malt plays such a large part of the craft brewing experience, brewers must rely on consistent, repeatable and reliable sources for their brewing ingredients. As such, Nebraska Malt is committed in its effort to provide support for both Nebraska brewers and growers.




Dedicated to connecting growers to brewers and distillers, serving local ingredient needs in Nebraska.




Agriculture is the heart of Nebraska. Fields of corn and soybean are plentiful, but barley has fallen by the wayside. Ag land is ripe with nutrients to grow great grains. With proper farming practices, including crop rotation, yields can increase and disease cycles decrease. The added value of introducing barley into regular grow rotation is more than feed. It can also be used for brewing and distilling in malted form.