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Nebraska Malt

Nebraska Malt is the culmination of a dream to bring Nebraska agriculture to the forefront of the brewing world. Born and raised in Lincoln, NE our founder had few interactions with rural Nebraska growing up.  However working for the state enabled him to travel and to meet people across Nebraska, people who work hard to grow our food here locally and worldwide.  

After leaving government work, Brian and a few friends started Blue Blood Brewing Company.  The problem is no matter how much great beer they brew, they are not able to really highlight the great agricultural tradition of our state.  Blue Blood Brewing Company uses thousands of pounds of grain each week, none of which is grown in Nebraska.  Adding in the other 15 and growing breweries in the state, as well as craft distilleries, the amount of grain from out of state used each week is in the tens of thousands of pounds!  

It is time for this to change.  It is time for barley, wheat, and other grains from Nebraska to have a home in Nebraska craft beer and spirits.  Nothing is better than local products, and it is time for Nebraska to have its rich agricultural history a part of local craft beer and spirits!

Nebraska Malt will help bring local agriculture to Nebraska brewers and distillers, and eventually introduce Nebraska malts to the entire country. 

Proudly, this business is owned and operated by friends and family, bringing the passion and support needed to give justice to Nebraska agriculture.




Nebraska Malt is about creating the connection between growers in Nebraska to breweries and distilleries in the state and region.

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Agriculture is at the heart of Nebraska. Fields of corn and soybean in Nebraska are plentiful, but barley has fallen by the wayside.  Fields here at home are ripe with nutrients to grow great grains. These fields must be cared for, and good farming practices including crop rotation will help.  Introducing crops like barley can help break disease cycles, limit some pests, and can help crops planted the next year increasing yields.  While barley can be sold as feed, there are other grains which can serve this purpose already being grown.  To develop barley as a crop in Nebraska, there must a value added outlet for our grain. Nebraska Malt is the answer.