Nebraska Malt




Nebraska has a long history of growing barley for cattle feed. But with a spike in local brewing and distilling the need and intended use for barley is changing. We grow our barley in Nebraska and pay special attention to grow the best quality barley in Nebraska possible. 

Farming Land

We work with a team of growers to produce our barley in different areas in Nebraska to spread our risk due to weather.



Barley malting is a three step process to convert raw barley into various types of malts for brewing and distilling. The process, started nearly 5,000 years ago, is made up of a steeping phase, a germination phase, and finishes in a drying phase. It is the variations within each phase that contributes to the final malt product and its specific characteristics.


American Beer Equipment, a division of Norland International in Lincoln, NE, has developed our custom malting system. We received a grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to help with the costs associated with the development of the equipment. 


The best quality malt is our first priority. A variation in malts available will be our constant endeavor as we grow capacity, demand & knowledge base.  

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